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Marco Valente high jewelry



The Group owns the Brand born from Marco Valente’s deep experience in high jewelry.

high jewellery since 1953

Family history

The Maison was founded by the Milanese jeweler Marco Valente and represents the continuation of a family tradition started more than sixty years ago.

Each jewel preserves the history and the style of the Maison: exclusive creations that are the result of Marco Valente’s creative and stylistic research, a long path characterized by the constant pursuit of excellence.




At the heart of every Marco Valente creation is a careful selection of raw materials and a meticulous choice of the best stones. The Maison boasts an extensive network of reliable suppliers, built and consolidated over time, which allows to obtain certified diamonds of high quality. The creative process is deeply linked to the careful selection of gemstones to be set. For Marco Valente creations, rare diamonds are used, carefully chosen by expert gemologists who, in cooperation with the best goldsmiths, give life to unique creations.


Italian luxury manufacturing

Gold smithery tradition, outstanding craftsmanship, the most sophisticated and advanced technologies. From the planning to the execution phase, the craftsmen carry out a work that focuses on the constant search for excellence and perfection. Marco Valente creations are entirely Italian products made by hand.

 All of the Maison’s jewels are the result of the deep and passionate work of expert goldsmith artisans, able to bring out the best light and color of the most precious diamonds.

 Timeless creations, eternal objects capable of transmitting the emotion, history and passion that give vitality to every single piece.

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