Purchasing Service and valuation of jewellery and precious stones.

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Valuation of jewellery and valuables

MV Luxury Service is a division of the group that manages the purchase and resale of stocks of exclusive jewellery, precious stones and watches in the B2B and B2C sectors.

We are the Italian market leaders and we purchase from the following channels:

jewellery brands (producers and distributors)

jewellery retailers

private owners

dealers in second hand gold and diamond jewellery.



Our clients can rely on the extensive knowledge and experience of our entire team, underpinned by the most advanced techniques and equipment for the analysis and valuation of jewellery and precious stones.




MV Luxury Service allows its business customers to liquidate their inventory and obtain immediate cash flow that can be used to finance new activities and business projects.





The division aimed at private customers allows private individuals to sell jewels, stones or other articles of high jewelry in a professional, reliable and fast way, ensuring maximum privacy to the customer and immediate payment.


core business


The Group is interested in the valuation of diamonds with or without a certificate, starting from 1 ct. weight, both contemporary and antique cuts and fancy diamonds.

The existence of a certificate, especially if GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is an element of further esteem.

precious stones

Our valuation process

Our diamond valuation is based on the canonical parameters: carat (carat weight), color (color), clarity (clarity), cut (cut) taking into consideration the peculiarities that make each gem unique.


The gemological valuation of diamonds is carried out completely free of charge in our internal laboratories, with the help of the very latest instrumentation: expert gemologists and modern measuring equipment allow a precise and reliable evaluation.



We are contacted by private customers who, in possession of jewelry no longer used, ask us for advice on how best to manage their assets, in doubt whether to maintain it, revitalize it or simply liquidate it. The service we offer is born with the aim of satisfying this type of need.

Marco Valente



Our valuation method

Regarding the valuation of precious metals, there are many aspects to consider in order to make a correct value estimation. Besides the raw material with which the jewel is made, the value of a piece of jewelry also depends on the presence or absence of precious stones set in it. There are further aspects that can affect the valuation of the jewel: its structural integrity, the design of the object, the brand and the period in which it was made.


We are always available for our clients

In case the customer is not able to reach the headquarters in Milan for the quotation service, the experts can also provide a quotation after the product is sent to our office by express courier completely free of charge. Alternatively, especially in the presence of private collections, bequests or lots of considerable importance, one of our experts can perform an evaluation of the valuables at home.


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